If you want to be happy one day, buy the wine and invite your friends. If you want two days to be happy, marry. If you want to be happily all my life, act like dogs.

C.I.B. Anatarso z Broučkova dvora



Father: Akymm Týnská Hora

Mother: Corina White Batuchan


Here are its examination and rate:

Height: 75 cm
Weight: 62 kg
HD : A/A (0/0):

Scissors bite

Breeding code : 0000000000000000-chovná


Breading card

Characteristics according to reports show:

Very nice, strong female, strong bones, balanced body proportions, very good tail well set and carried, excellent width and depth of chest, excellent top and bottom lines, strong straight back, lovely rear, position of the two pairs of legs correctly. Very nice head right to express gender, teeth, scissors, medium dark eye. Very good coat and distribution of platters, excellent movement. Behind the running a bit closer.

Next is: excellent character, is very friendly to people and of the other dogs, incredibly playful. With other species, it tolerates very well (cats, rabbits, chickens, sheep ...)

Is the mother of the litter: A, B, C


Titles Anatarso:

Internationale champion -C.I.B:



2xNational winner, Winner of Special show 2007, Specialty Winner 2008, Club Champion, 3xCAJC, 11xCAC, 4xCACIB, BOB 3xres.CAC, 2xres . CACIB

Slovak Republic:

Winner of Slovakia 2008, 7xCAC, 5xCACIB, 5XBOB, res, 2xres.CACIB


5x Best Bitch, 3XCWC, CACIB, 4xBOB


2xCAC, 2xres.CACIB, CACIB, 2xres.CACA




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