If you want to be happy one day, buy the wine and invite your friends. If you want two days to be happy, marry. If you want to be happily all my life, act like dogs.

Darcy Formenos Gil



Father:Ch.Pascal vom Kinginrinteich

Mother: Ch.Audrey Formenos Gil


HD:A/A, ED:0/0
Darcy grew as
Age Wrist Height Weight Chest
4 months 14cm 45cm 32kg 65cm
5 months 14,5cm 56cm 40kg 72cm
6 months 17cm 67cm 48kg 87cm
7 months 18cm 72cm 55kg 97cm
8 months 19cm 75cm 62kg 104cm
9 months 17cm 76-77cm 65kg 104cm
10 months 18,5cm 77-78cm 70kg 106cm
11 months 18,5cm 77-78cm 71kg 106cm
Year 18,5cm 78cm 74cm 106cm
2 years 18,5cm 79-80cm 74 kg 106cm
3 years        

Darcy is still a puppy, but rather then a teenager and still growing.


What is Darcy?

Darcy is particularly a big pet, moreover, are always dogs. I would be involved in all activities, can have a few commands from his mother Audrey has learned a great watch (a few days with our Audrey makes a watcher from each Landseer, I really do not know for whom he inherited her mother Anatarso never paying attention, was more welcoming) loves his mistress, which welcomes all its weight and efficiency washers, loves to play and walk. It's such our sun.


Darcy shows:


3x Very Promising


Our darling