The trouble is that dogs will always behave like dogs, but people will always behave like humans.

New stud dog



Here you can see galery BASTIEN



Father: Jch,Ch.Dantte White Sírius

Mother:C.I.B. Anatarso z Broučkova dvora

Results HD and the rates are here:

Height: 77cm the breeding, 79-80cm measurements at home
Weight: 72kg

Bite: perfect scissors

White color with no ticking

Eye: Dark

The resulting code muster:1010/2000000000000-breeding


Characteristics of the exhibition according to reports:

A large, powerful dog with a nice head, strong bone, bulky chest, correct male expression and the right temperament, excellent top and bottom lines, straight back, good chest, excellent color plates and location, excellent hair, dark eyes, good ears, nice movement.

What is the Bastien?

Ever since the tiny puppies are very happy cuddled and he has remained to this day. Still likes cuddling, love lounging in bed, like biscuits, loves children, especially her Peter. It has a very balanced, confident nature, is quiet, friendly to people, but it is also a good watchdog, with the other animals are well tolerated.

I do not know what else to write, it's just our darling,some other dog he hardly ever replace


The exhibitions started quite late, has participated in only 5 shows, from which he took 12 titles, is a beautiful result.


Results from shows:

Czech Republic -Champion Czech, BOB, 2xnational Winner 2011, 4x CAC, CACIB, res.CAC

Slovak Republic - 3x CAC, 3x CACIB, 2x BOB


Contact: Tomáš Oral, Rychaltice 70, 739 46 Hukvaldy





Darling Bastien