The only way to get the love of money is to buy a dog.



About Us


In our kennel to try to breed typical landseers-Character and exterior balanced individuals. It goes without saying that the health of our dog regularly vet checked, we in the food quality, as nursing females, and puppies at weaning, we strive to the best socializing puppies, learn the basics of cleanliness.

Female born in our society and the first three weeks, puppies are bred at home, then up to the age of eight weeks in the heated rooms with outdoor access to the garden. Our dogs have a great range in the garden, where they live freely.

From the age of four weeks may be the new owners to come look at their future pets environment in which they live, view our dogs and ask on all important matters relating to education and nutrition of our dogs. The new puppies go to new home at the age of eight weeks.